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Duraline Lab Faucets

The industry has long awaited a DI Water Lab Faucet that would provide the durability and strength of a metal faucet, without the contamination and corrosion that metal introduces into the process environment. Available in PVC, Natural Polypropylene, & PVDF.

Series LG "Gooseneck" Lab Faucets

Our Series LG "Gooseneck" Lab Faucets provide corrosion and contaminate free dispensing of deionized water and corrosive chemicals. A wide selection of control valves & accessories. Available in PVC, Natural Polypropylene, & PVDF.

Recirculating Lab Faucets

Our recirculating Lab Faucets provide a feature developed to eliminate any bacterial growth or other biological impurities due to stagnation. This is accomplished by providing a method to allow continuous motion of the liquid up to the POU control valve during all phases of operation. Available in Natural Polypropylene & PVDF.

Selecting the Proper Lab Faucet for your Application

Type I, II, and III Water Applications including:

Marquest Scientific Deionized Water Lab Faucets

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